PB6 - Partition 01

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This FAT32-based partition appears to be only used for booting up the box. We are not entirely sure how the files in this partition are used yet.

Contains the following files:

Filenames Filesize
boot1, boot4, boot7 3.52MB each
boot2, boot5, boot8 3.00MB each
boot3, boot6, boot9 1.17MB each
boot10, boot11 (newer Family Editions only?) 337KB each

Additional Notes
Nothing in these files appears to be human-readable. Several of the files share filesizes with each other. Could potentially be that booting up in different languages and different resolutions would result in different boot files being loaded, but this is currently unproven.

Most likely boot1/boot4/boot7 would be for 720p, boot2/boot5/boot8 would be for 1024x768 and boot3/boot6/boot9 would be for 640x480. boot10 and boot11 only seem to be appearing on newer Family edition boards (both a K5900 and K6078 appear to have it, my K5900 does not) and we do not know what their purpose is.

We're also expecting one of these files in each filesize category is dedicated to a specific language with one of them being Chinese, one being Simplified Chinese and the last one being English.