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JAMMA version

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PB6 Motherboard - Arcade


  • The H3 CPU can support up to 2GB ram.
  • There are two RAM slots on the motherboard, but only one is used.
  • The CGA signal seems generated in two steps: HDMI to VGA/CGA (bootX ?), then amplified/filtered (U7 to U15 pins 1-3).
  • The ATMLH830 eeprom (2KB) seems to be used to store the settings.
  • The 12V seems to be used only for the Audio amplifier stage (JAMMA pin 6 to TDA2003L pin 5) and the fan power supply.
  • You can switch on the Pandora Box Jamma by powering it only with the 5V.

BUT /!\ Careful: don't do that at home. The 12V fan is not powered, you could seriously damage the PCB/CPU. A (bad) solution can be to put the 5V on the 12V, this will allow the fan to be powered.

PB6 Jamma 5V.jpg

How to


H3 processor pinouts

H3 processor pinouts


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