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The frontend is combined with various versions of Final Burn Alpha into a single executable. The frontend uses libqt-mt and can be found in the following apps: app1, app2, app3, app4, app5 and app7.

Frontend Sound Effects
Normally, emulotar extracts the emulator sound effects into /tmp/config/sound and consists of the following sound effects:

  • coin.wav - sound used when a coin is inserted in the game menu.
  • page.wav - used when switching pages in the game menu.
  • test.wav - beep used during IO Test in the Settings menu.
  • updown.wav - used for moving up and down in the game menu.

The PB6 Customization Hack allows you to replace the sound effects by replacing them in the /sound directory on your USB stick. The frontend requires sound effects to follow the exact specifications of the originals, so they will need to be 44100hz sample rate, 32-bit float, 16-bit Microsoft PCM .WAV files. Anything that doesn't perfectly match that may end up playing at incorrect speeds or play with some artifacts.

Settings Menu Background Music
Normally, the settings menu plays a rather odd Chinese horn song which most people find quite annoying and loud from /usr/emu/bg.mp3 on the SD card. The frontend seems to not be as remotely picky with replacement mp3s as it is with replacement sound effects as almost any mp3 will work here as long as you aren't dropping in something that's crazy long. The PB6 Customization Hack allows you to place a music.mp3 file at the root of your USB stick to replace the background music in the settings menu.