Pandora’s Box 6 – Removing Junk, Compatibility Lists…

So, one of the annoyances caused by getting these all-in-one arcade boards is that it often seems like the people making them don’t know enough about the games being added to realize that there are some games that have problems. Perhaps there are duplicates that are unneeded, perhaps there are issues with controller set up that make games unplayable, etc…

I’m creating several lists to help people when they first pick up a Pandora’s Box 6 to very quickly get set up and have as many unique, known working games as possible.

  • Default Games to Remove
  • Compatible Added MAME ROMs
  • Compatible Added FBA ROMs
  • Compatible Added PlayStation disc images

I’ve only just started working on these lists now so it is a work-in-progress but you can find the start of this over here or by selecting the compatibility lists from the Pandora’s Box 6 menu at the top.

Feel free to leave a comment on that page with some changes you’ve made or games you’d added!