10 January 2019

Possible Pandora's Box 6 New Revision?

While talking to someone on the Facebook group for the Pandora's Box 6, I noticed someone posted an image of their settings menu, reproduced below:

Settings menu of Pandora's Box 6 new revision.

At the bottom, there is an added "PS1 GAME TIME" option which decides how much time a player gets to play a PS1 game for with each coin inserted. Try as I might, I can't make this option appear on my PB6.

It is currently unknown if there are any other changes to this version of the software at this time.

If you have this on your Pandora's Box 6, please contact me as I would like to get a backup of your SD card, please!

EDIT: I received an image from someone and it does indeed look like a slightly changed version of the Pandora's Box 6 software. Looking at the disc image, the partition number matches the old one, however the last modified date of the emulotar file is now October 20th, 2018. A quick glance at it shows that there are a lot of differences in the binary but what they are exactly, I couldn't say. I'm going to write this image to an SD card and see if it works in my Pandora's Box 6.

EDIT 2: It appears that the software is locked to the newest hardware revision of the PB6 box. When I wrote the disc image to my SD card, it did exactly what it did when I attempted to use a hacked sd card image - played the PB6 splash screen and went to a black screen. The red light inside the PB6 box started flashing and it never progressed. So it's my theory that it is checking for something in the hardware and refusing to boot because mine is an older revision.

EDIT 3: There is indeed a new revision of the board and this SD card image is likely locked to newer revisions of the card. The older original board that I have shows the following info:

Original: 3RX_V22b REV 2018.06.30 K5860 - works with first SD card version. New: 3RX_V23 REV 2018.08.15 K5900 - works with this new SD card version.

So why would they do this sort of thing? Perhaps to not allow people to just swap SD cards to get updated features, much like they did with the Pandora's Box 5 so they can't use Pandora's Box 6 SD cards. It's also very possible that there's a difference in the hardware that makes the original software somehow unusable.

Until we are able to crack open the box's encryption, we won't be able to tell for sure so all of this is conjecture at this point.

EDIT 4: The PS TIME OPTION allows to select from 1 to 10 minutes of time.

EDIT 5: Looks like the number goes from 1-60, actually. Maybe it's just the arcade version that has that range, however.