14 May 2019

Pandora's Box 6 3D?

A Little Note...

First, before I get into this, I just wanted to say a few things. I wasn't actually going to post about this because the person I had heard it from... well, I figured it would have been pretty easy to tell where this info had come from for the right people and I wanted to protect them from catching any potential shit. But now that 3A employees are saying this out to potential customers, I feel like there is little reason to hold off on saying anything anymore. I had heard this info about two weeks before they spilt the beans to someone on Facebook, so here we go.

A New Pandora's Box Is On the Way

It appears that 3A is working on a new version of their Pandora's Box line of arcade boxes. Here is what we know:

  • Intended on being the newest top model of Pandora's Box, not another low cost version like the Pandora's Box 9 or 9D.
  • Focused pretty specifically on 3D games, unlike the Pandora's Key and other Android-based bootlegs.
  • Intended on being released in Fall of 2019 on Aliexpress/Alibaba.
  • Will be named Pandora's Box 6 3D according to the post on Facebook, heard from my source that it will be a Pandora's Box 10.

Unfortunately, that's about all the details we currently have and I haven't heard anything else yet but I'm sure there will be further leaks at some point during the summer months.

What would you like to see in a new Pandora's Box? What are you hoping for? Any particular 3D games? Any new features? Let me know below!