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Let's Catch-Up With Some Random Smaller Stuff

Posted by on 30th Jan 2021

First, thanks to everyone that has been asking about me and my health since the last post. Unfortunately, my health has not improved yet. I'm told to remain patient, which is difficult. Anyways, there's been a lot of stuff going on in the world of Pandora's Boxes so let's try to catch you up-to-date with some of the smaller odds and ends from 3A first and then I'll try to do the same for the others out there in a seperate post just to keep things from getting too long.


Pandora's Box DX Jamma

3A launched the Pandora's Box DX Jamma edition in the last half of 2020 after making a lot of people wait longer than they had hoped. The JAMMA version contains 2992 games instead of the 3000 games from the family edition. The gamelist between the two is 100% the same with the exception of the 8 Neo*Geo AES (home version) games which were removed. As far as I am aware, the original Neo*Geo arcade versions of those 8 games are all still on the box and playable, so nothing really of value was lost here. They readded the missing 8 games to the v1.2 JAMMA version mentioned below. I also have unconfirmed reports that you are now able to add your own preview videos for added games, a nice potential change over the family edition. Otherwise, everything about the DX that you know of already is the same here (including those loud interface sounds, but stay tuned, I may have a fix coming for that soon).


Pandora Box Expansion Function Board

Released quietly a few months ago, this small PCB is intended to allow you to connect any standard Pandora's Box to Windows (as a PC or 360 controller) as well as PS3 and PS4 machines. Supporting two players, users will need to require their harness to match the new pinouts as there is now one 40 pin connector for each player, allowing you to allocate more buttons per player to match PS3/PS4 controllers. There is a micro USB to USB cable that comes with it that you use to interface with the machine you are trying to connect to. Unfortunately, there is no external case for this so you'll just have the bare PCB sitting on your table, I guess. Still, a good option for those of you that want to use their iron case controllers with their game consoles.


Pandora's Box DX 1.2 Family and JAMMA

About 4 months ago, 3A announced the availability of the Pandora's Box DX v1.2, which seems to have some very, very minor differences from the DX. All v1.2 boards have a tiny 1.2 in the bottom right corner of the screen when loading a game. They added the option to allow you to quit a game by holding the start button for 3 seconds. Also for the JAMMA version, the 8 Neo*Geo AES games that were removed from it have been restored in this version. I believe the family version can also be plugged into a PC for use as a game controller for Windows games now but that's still unconfirmed.


Gamepad Converter for Pandora's Box

It appears that 3A is now officially selling the old 9D gamepad converter that it used to only sell on its second store (3H Game Store) for use with the DX and others. This is specifically for those of you who happen to have two iron box dual arcade stick controllers and wish to turn one of them into players 3 and 4. You essentially would remove a Pandora's Box from one of them, replace it with this gamepad converter box and plug it into the Pandora's Box in the other iron box controller. Pretty good for those of you who have the table space for playing 4 players like this.


Pandora's Box DX Wireless

Not really too much to say about this one. 3A has been releasing the Pandora's Box DX wireless motherboards in the same small white console boxes as the Pandora's Box 6 wireless boards that came previously. These are usually sold with two wireless single player arcade sticks (and it is very likely that the small wireless converter box that was released for the PB6 to convert any iron box controller into a wireless one would work here too). But it does appear that they are now also selling a bundle with 4 wireless single player arcade sticks along with a USB wireless adapter to allow players 3 and 4 to connect to the box. It appears to be the very same USB wireless adapter that 3A was previously selling to allow you to wirelessly use your Pandora's Box as a controller for your PC.


Single Player Iron Box Controller Discontinued

I haven't spoken too much about any of the various form factors of the Pandora's Boxes out there yet. I always had the intention of creating one large post specific to these various different form factors but never got around to it. Might as well mention this one now. Launched right around the start of 2020, these single player iron box controllers lasted less than a month on sale before they were discontinued by 3A. When asked about it, 3A apparently commented that they were simply too expensive to produce, which is a shame as they seemed to have been decently liked.



I will be making posts covering some of the new box launches over the last few months including the CX and King of Air 2 and we will also dive into the minefield of the Android clones with the Pandora Games 3D and the Pandory jailbreak. Stick around.

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