New Pandora's Box 9D - 2500 Games

Added 3D games and 3/4 player support.

Posted by zerojay on 24th Jun 2019

3A/3H Game have released a few new form factors for their Pandora's Boxes recently. While I am saving the idea of exploring the various form factors themselves for a separate post, it does appear that they have released an upgrade to the Pandora's Box 9D that adds a few more games to the list with a few new features we haven't had previously as part of a newer plastic two player, two screen bartop.

The Pandora's Box 9D 2500 games throws an additional 278 games on top of the previous 2222 game release. While I won't get into the specifics of the standard games that have been added (as it is relatively difficult now to pick out the new games from old), let's take a quick peek at those that are specifically called out in the 9D 2500 gamelist PDF.

The first big change is the addition of 10 3D games, which we have not seen previously on any other Pandora's Box aside from the PB6. Most of the same 3D games are included from the PB6, such as the Tekken series 1 through 3, Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha and Street Fighter EX 2, as well as the Mortal Kombat series, 1 through 4. It's interesting to see MK1 is now here and listed as a 3D game instead of just a standard game as it usually is. I wonder if this means they are actually using a PS1 version this time? There is also the addition of Capcom Vs. SNK Pro, which is also the PlayStation version. As expected, CD audio tracks are not included likely for space considerations.

Tagged 3 and 4 player games.

The second interesting change is the addition of games that specifically support 3 and 4 players. What's interesting here is that they are all near the end of the list of games, right before the 3D games and they are all tagged with the number of players supported. Oddly enough, if a game you wanted to play supported 4 players and you wanted to play it that way, it appears that you'll have to find the 4p version at the end of the list as the original version in the game list still won't support it. It appears that the USB ports on the side of the machine will now allow additional controllers to be plugged in to control players 3 and 4. There is also an additional screen for the configuration of these additional controllers in the settings screen now.

Setting up player 3 and 4 controls.

A somewhat disappointing aspect of this 4 player support is that it appears to be specific only to CPS1/2 games, so Capcom arcade beat-em-ups like Cadillacs and Dinosaurs will be playable with 3 players or Dungeons & Dragons will be playable with 4 players, well, it appears that anything else that would use 4 players does not seem to be supported. Sorry Simpsons/TMNT fans, it's not looking good for you at this point.

Pandora's Box 9D 2500 Gamelist PDF

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I would love to hear your thoughts on this new Pandora's Box 9D 2500 games box.

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