New JAMMA only Pandora's Box 9D - 2226 Games

Minor feature update adds 3/4 player support, VGA/HDMI only

Posted by zerojay on 3rd Jul 2019

Well, another day, another new Pandora's Box, hmmm?

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Today's variant being pumped out by 3H isn't all that different from previous efforts. It appears to be a JAMMA only version of Pandora's Box 9D with 2222 games that is slightly changed to add a handful of new games as well as the support for 3 and 4 players on certain games.

Essentially, it looks like they took the 3 and 4 player support from the 9D with 2500 games and moved it down to the 9D with 2222 games though there is a very, very minor update to the software which seems to allow you to decide from the Settings menu if the default internal player 1 and 2 controllers should be enabled or not. This would allow players to plug in gamepads as players 1 and 2 and disable reading the arcade sticks from the GPIO ports, the default way Pandora's Box works. It also appears that you can decide to disable only one of the sticks as well, if you wish.

Sticks enabled and disabled.

They go through great pains to mention that this is a JAMMA only product and will not support CRTs, just VGA and HDMI out. There is no 3D game support either as none of the 3D games show up in the gamelist. It appears that they are basically positioning the 9D 2226 game box for arcades only and the 9D 2500 game box for home/family only.

Note: I have ordered and will be receiving a 9D 2500 games box in the next 16-27 days and will be doing a review and tearing it apart to help the PB6 hacking stuff.

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