20 December 2018

Pandora’s Box 9 – Feature Comparison against PB5 and PB6

So, the Pandora’s Box 9 clone is getting more widely sold and as such, there is more information about it than we had when we previously discovered it a few months ago. For those of you wondering if you should take the plunge on a Pandora’s Box 9, I’ve recreated a table of information that is found on some Chinese AliExpress pages and adding more detail and a better translation.

Feature Set 3A Official Pandora's Box 5 3A Official Pandora's Box 6 Clone Pandora's Box 9
Game Quantity 960 games 1300 games + 3000 custom added 1500 games
3D Game Support No YES No
Game Customization No Can add your own games No
Screen Resolution 1280x720 1280x720 1024x768 640x480 1280x720 1024x768 640x480
Game Pause Function YES, during free play YES, during coin or free play YES, during free play
Game Sorting Function No YES No
Autofire Function No YES, for games classified as shooting games. No

Hopefully, this will help anyone looking to decide on which Pandora’s Box to pick up.