9 January 2019

Pandora's Box 6 - NEO*GEO BIOS Tricks

One of the complaints that we've been hearing and making about the Pandora's Box 6 is that there is no way to make changes to the BIOS options to do things like change region, change from arcade to home versions or turning on blood in some of your favorite games. Well, we've found a way. Together with EvilChris1979FR - one of our Community Collection collaborators - we've figured out a way to give you what you're looking for. It's not perfect, but it works.

The Setup

Setting this up is extremely simple and we've done the hard work for you.

  1. Download our copy of the Neo Geo BIOS.
  2. Copy neogeo.zip to your USB stick's roms, roms_fba and roms_mame folders. If your operating system asks to replace, say yes.

And now here we go.

How to Use

So what we've basically done is replaced the standard NEO*GEO BIOS file with the quite well known Unibios. With the Unibios active, you'll notice your 1P Start button now brings up the Unibios in-game menu.

The UniBIOS in-game menu in all its glory.

If you wish to use cheats or screw around with dipswitches, you can do so here.

The UniBIOS in-game menu in all its glory.

For making bigger changes such as region settings and disabling the in-game menu, you will need to choose "Soft Reboot System" from the in-game menu. Once you have done that and you see the Unibios splash screen, you can hold down the B+C+D buttons on your Pandora's Box to get to a series of menus and tests you can run. Holding down A+B+C instead will get you to the Universe BIOS menu:

The UniBIOS in-game menu in all its glory.

Here, you can decide to change your region and game type:

The UniBIOS in-game menu in all its glory.

Once you are done, you will need to disable the in-game BIOS menu to allow you to play the game properly, otherwise every Start button press will get intercepted by the Unibios and not allow you to play. You can do this by entering the General BIOS Settings:

The UniBIOS in-game menu in all its glory.

And checking the Disable In Game Menu box.

The UniBIOS in-game menu in all its glory.

You can now exit the Unibios menu by pressing the C button to reboot your game and you'll find your options and cheats will be in effect until you quit the game

A Reminder

Just like everything else on the Pandora's Box 6, there is no saving of the Unibios changes you've made, so if you want to switch softdips to get blood in Metal Slug, you'll need to set that up each time you play. Yes, it's an annoyance but it's better than not having the option to do this at all, right?