10 February 2019

Pandora's Box 6 - Community Collection Update

Hi. You may have seen the post about our Community Collection. So, here is an update on our current progress.

  • MAME 0.106 ROM Set Progress: 99%
  • Final Burn Alpha ROM Set Progress: 100%
  • Replacement Preview Video for Default PB6 Games: 80%
  • MAME and FBA Added ROMs Preview Videos: 70%

So we feel we're basically done with the ROM sets themselves but I'm leaving them at 99% just in case we find a few more things here and there. In terms of the preview videos, we have almost all the replacements we need for the default 1300 games and most of what we need for the MAME and FBA added games. I'm almost certain most of the work will be renaming videos to match the ROM names for the most part.

If you are interested in helping out or attempting to launch subprojects or just want to hang out with other Pandora's Box enthusiasts, feel free to join our Discord.