20 February 2019

Pandora's Box 6 - Community Collection Released


Yeah. I figured that title would catch some eyes. Our little effort to bring together a full MAME and FBA ROM set and test out everything has finally come to a close. This site and the community has come a long way since starting up in September. While looking for information, I realized that my own site and our Discord have become some of the best places to find just about anything the English speaking Pandora's Box community knows. We're starting to get a bit of recognition out there which is fun.

Thank Yous and Acknowledgements

The Main Community Collection Team - for all the hours of testing, gathering data, updating spreadsheets, trying and discovering new things, making suggestions and not just being motivational but enjoying the massive amount of work: airlicious, EvilChris, Matty, mcdmofr, Niel, Norby, Pandoraboxman, robbeno69, Satoshi_Matrix, ZOCKOTRON

The hackers behind OpenPB4, Retropan and more - for trying to bring the best experience possible to people with these underpowered and underserved Chinese bootleg arcade consoles: myzar, zanac, and Sebastian404.

Everyone hanging out at the Dream Never Ends Pandora's Box Discord.

How Can I Find The Community Collection?

Come and join the Dream Never Ends Discord and come to the #community-collection channel.

How Do I Set This Up?

The Community Collection consists of three sets of files:

  • PB6 Community Collection - MAME ROMs.zip
  • PB6 Community Collection - FBA ROMs.zip
  • PB6 Community Collection - Movies.zip

For the preview videos, there's nothing very special that needs to be done. You can extract the zip anywhere and copy all the *.avi files directly into the Movies folder on your USB drive. When Windows asks, choose to replace the original videos as the ones included not just replace the original 1300 game previews but also give you previews for all the added MAME and FBA ROMs too.

You can do the same thing with the FBA and MAME ROMs, extract them anywhere you wish and then directly copying the game ROM zips into the roms_fba and roms_mame folders. However, you will very quickly discover that the Pandora's Box 6 orders the games in the order they were written to the USB disk which you'll notice isn't very orderly at all.

How Do I Alphabetize my FBA and MAME ROMs?

The only way to do this properly is to write the files in the order that you want them shown in the Pandora's Box 6 menu. You can do that with an application called CopyInOrder.

Makin' orderly copies to my USB disk.

The only catch with doing this is that the Pandora's Box will not alphabetize added games along with all the games that are already included by default. What it will do is order them alphabetically like this:

  • Original 1300 games from # -> Z
  • Final Burn Alpha games from # -> Z
  • MAME games from # -> Z
  • PlayStation games from # -> Z

Also, this is going alphabetical through filename, so it is possible that games in the game list look out of order but it's really because the file name is different from the game name.

Well... Now What?

Well, you could...