Pandora's Box DX Manual Updated

CPU upgraded to 1.5GHz.

Posted by zerojay on 16th Apr 2020

Earlier today, 3A started sending out a link to an updated version of the Pandora's Box DX manual. An eagle-eyed reader of the blog pointed out that there was one itty-bitty change made:

Pandora's Box DX Manual

A Bit More of a Surprise

We previously speculated about the quality of the board and about some of the games included on the PBDX. It didn't seem like the hardware was much of an upgrade, running at the same processor speed as the previous box but running on a new CPU, the Rockchip RK3128 instead of the Allwinner H3. Everything looked the same between the two with the major difference being that the new board didn't have active cooling.

3A updated the manual with one small change - the main CPU clockspeed is 1.5ghz rather than the previous chip's 1.2/1.3ghz clockspeed (depending on where you read it). Is this much of a boost? No, not a huge jump by any means but it can potentially explain some of the games on the gameslist being included that wouldn't possibly run smoothly before such as some of the Midway games. It's possible that with this CPU clockspeed upgrade and maybe some optimizations on the software side that we may finally have a better box.

Personally, I'd be quite happy if just the screen tearing issue was solved without needing image optimization on. I guess at this point, time will tell. I'm getting more excited for this upcoming review than ever and I'm hoping I'm not disappointed.

I'll be streaming myself playing from the Pandora's Box DX when I receive it and I'll post a link for you when I go live.

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