22 December 2018

Oddities – Pandora’s Box For Sale at Best Buy?

When you get interested in Chinese bootleg gaming machines, you come to expect the unexpected. You never know when you’ll discover a new idea that the bootleggers have come up with while looking around. But this… this is a bit unique.

I spend some time occasionally looking for more information on the various Pandora’s Box hardware out there and the various clones and seeing if I find any that are local that I might be interested in picking up. To be perfectly honest, I kind of am interested in collecting them at this point because I find them somewhat facinating with all the strange variants out there. It was during one of these random searches online that I found something a bit out of the ordinary.

Adequate Purchase?

Best Buy’s site online isn’t just a listing of what they have in stores or online as you might expect. Anyone that’s attempted to search for something they are interested in have probably noticed that there are also various retailers selling their goods through the “Best Buy Marketplace”, as it is titled. These marketplace 3rd party seller search results appear being just as legitimate as those from Best Buy itself with the only real difference being that “pick up in-store” isn’t an option and the seller is listed.

I was looking through the Best Buy Canada site to see if they were starting to sell the various Arcade1Up 3/4ths size arcade machines when I typed “arcade” into the search box and found this:

…Oh boy.

So, just kind of the generic Pandora’s Box 4S bootleg as you might expect and have probably seen a million times before. Nothing really unique about it at all aside from normally being overpriced. I have to admit that I do enjoy the color scheme a little bit as I’m very partial to blue. I’ve seen this one on other sites and it is made in plastic which is… less than desirable when most of these are made in wood or metal. I highly doubt that Best Buy realizes the illegality of selling this on their site but I’m not about to blow the whistle about it.

It looks like the seller is rather new and likely started up in November 2017. It doesn’t look like it’s going too well as we can see the following:

Not exactly a confidence builder, hmm?

While there are no reviews for the Pandora’s Box being sold here itself, let’s take a look at the seller’s reviews. 23 reviews, I’m sure there’s bound to be some information about why they only have a 3.3 star average. I’m going to cherry-pick a few of the more interesting reviews below.

Most of the reviews seem to complain about headphones.

Yes, there are some good reviews here, too.

Of course, there’s always the obligatory “I don’t understand this star rating system” person. Sorry, Lynn, but you’ve failed us all.


Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t give us enough information to say exactly what Pandora’s Box clone is inside the box as they just give us “800 Classical Games” and that doesn’t match up to any PB or clone that I know of directly.

It’s overpriced, especially at its original $300 price tag, you won’t know exactly what you are getting beforehand and it’s housed in a plastic casing. I would not recommend buying this through Best Buy unless you had money to burn and the novelty of buying it through them tickles your fancy… for whatever reason. There are far better options that you should be able to find on Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, Craigslist, AliExpress or… well, just about anywhere. Don’t bother.


Here’s someone’s review of what looks like a unit with the same box as the one being sold above on Best Buy’s Marketplace. Of course, because these are Pandora’s Boxes, the hardware on the inside is very likely entirely different than what is being sold above as even the number of games differs greatly. But for those of you interested in a better look at the box itself, here you go: