24 April 2019

New Pandora's Box 9D Released

Appears to not be a 3rd party clone either?!

It looks like there's another new Pandora's Box out there. Just like the Pandora's Box 9 before it, the Pandora's Box 9D appears to be essentially a clone of the Pandora's Box 5 but with more games added. 2222 games total, to be precise.

Pandora's Box 9D Case

Taking a look at images included in the item description, there's a few things that we now know about this new board:

Pandora's Box 9D Board

  • Availble in both family version and arcade versions.
  • They are claiming that it loads faster than the Pandora's Box 9 (potentially also legitimizing it as their own product as well).
  • They are advertising the inclusion of various training mode hacks of the King of Fighters games to give players the ability to practice their combos on their arcade machines at their own leisure.
  • No ability to add your own games like the Pandora's Box 6.
  • Games look like they will be included on the USB stick but it's not entirely clear.
  • Same 3 resolutions supported, same languages supported as PB6.
  • Pandora's Box 5 style interface, no sorting ability like PB6.
  • Appears to use the same 3 USB port setup as PB6 however with the vertical USB port blocked off.
  • Pages and pages of King of Fighters hacks as well as boss unlock hacks of various fighting games.

Pandora's Box 9D RUSH

More information as we are able to find it. It's very scarce at the moment as the box just got released two days ago. Hoping to get my hands on a review copy soon. It also appears to have been tweeted about by someone that I know to be an employee at 3A Game, so it seems to be an official new board, not a clone as we previously thought.