Joust + Joust 2 Playable on PB6

First hack created to allow them to run for the first time.

Posted by zerojay on 3rd Jun 2019

I was poked today by someone asking me about the hacking articles I had written about the Pandora's Box 6. After a short while, it became clear that he had gotten a bit further than I had and was disassembling the main frontend to understand how it worked. (I don't know if he wants to come forward or make himself known so at this point, I won't name him.)

After seeing what he was able to accomplish, it showed me just how close I had come to doing what I had originally hoped. With his help, we were able to convince the Pandora's Box 6 to find the hidden files we knew about and write them to the USB disk that normally holds all the ROMs. For now, I won't go into the details as I will be writing another blog post, the 4th in my Pandora's Box 6 hacking series, that will go in-depth on how it was accomplished.

With a few edits and redirecting some files around to our USB key, I was able to pull off something that's never been done before.

Here's Joust, running for the first time on the Pandora's Box 6, fully playable. Some more work will be done before I release more info about this. For now, enjoy.

EDIT: After getting this to run, I attempted a few other games.

  • Robotron 2048: Runs perfectly but controls are incorrect making the game unplayable. Potentially possible to fix controls though.

  • Defender: Runs and plays perfectly.

  • Run & Gun: I can't tell you how many times random people have messaged me asking about this. With this hack, Run & Gun plays perfectly.

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