16 March 2019

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Episode 1

The Introduction

So, what I'm going to be doing here on the site from time to time is rounding up some pictures of both general arcade stuff as well as Pandora's Boxes that I find from around the web and dumping them here so that we can admire the good or point and laugh at the bad. We're not interested in hurting anyone's feelings so we won't be posting any seller details or anything like that. I'll likely put out a post of these every few weeks or so.

One of the interesting things about arcade machines is that there's a lot of people out there who either never actually played on a machine back in the day or who obviously really forgot what the experience was like. You can see this in machines that have some really odd dimensions or oversized marquees, that sort of thing. Which category do you think this one falls under?

Holy shit.

...Is that a fucking calculator on the right side? What is going on here? That... "arcade stick" looks... kind of familiar somehow.

Not too bad.
Here's a Pandora's Box 6 setup in a newly built cabinet. It's... honestly not that bad minus the PUNISHER marquee there which is embarrassing. It's not actually that often that I see a Pandora's Box 6 being sold in these machines. By the way, this guy is selling the cab even though it was newly made for him because he's leaving the country and needs it sold IMMEDIATELY. And then immediately afterwards says his $2000 is "firm". Good luck, dude.


An online store here in Canada specializing in selling Pandora's Boxes is the source for this one here. While I wouldn't want this for myself, I don't find it that bad looking either. I believe this holds a Pandora's Box 5S with 1388 games total.

Wow, Heroes4?

This is slightly painful. The ad mentions that you should look up their Facebook group... which they managed to spell wrong. While I personally find this really bad, the real reason I'm posting this is because it's running a Heroes 4 board in this day and age and that's kind of rare to see now.

Pandora's Box 3 makes an appearance.

"Let's have just four buttons and install a Pandora's Box that has a bunch of games that require six buttons."
"Great idea."

Another one that falls into the rarity category with a Pandora's Box 3 installed. Otherwise, not bad.

Uh... sure.

Sure, let's... just cable tie a Pandora's Box to... some wood and...?

Ending on a high note...

Ending on a high note, this is a Pandora's Box 6S with 1388 games inside of this beautiful box. It also includes legit Sanwa sticks and buttons and I'm slobbering while typing this. Unfortunately, at a cost of $350CDN from Aliexpress, it's... a bit much for me.

Sound Off

What did you think? Any particular favorites? Found any yourself that would be great to feature here? Let me know in the comments.