Hi, I’m Jay and in my spare time, I like to screw around with electronics. I started this blog as a way of documenting the work I’ve been doing – not just the whats but the hows – in a way that is (hopefully) interesting and informative regardless of your personal level of tech knowledge. I was previously doing this on my Facebook feed and I started to find the medium a bit too limiting and frustrating. I asked my Facebook friends what they thought about starting a blog and got an overwhelmingly positive response. I figured a lot of the less technical were just skipping past the stories as I never seemed to get much response to them, but… here we are.

So, let’s talk a little bit about what I’m looking to cover here on the blog.

  • Raspberry Pi, Odroid and similar single board computers.
  • The Pandora’s Box multi-game arcade boards and clones/pirates.
  • Video game emulation on the above platforms.
  • Whatever else strikes my fancy. Which could be anything.

My goal here isn’t just to show you what I’m doing, but how and why I am going about it the way that I am. My thinking is that if people have a better idea of how hacking around with these pieces of electronics and software is done, it may spark their own interest in trying it for themselves and poking around.¬†

These days, governments are enacting more and more laws to keep people from being able to fix things or open up the things they are supposed¬† to own and I’m hoping that by getting more people involved and interested, we can keep being able to play with these things we own.¬†

Let’s get crackin’.